• IMPROVE JOINT HEALTH: Stacey’s Best Lamb Trachea naturally low in fat and more importantly excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy joints.
  • SINGLE INGREADIENT: Our lamb trachea chews made of grass fed, free range cattle and include no chemicals, no hormones no additives. Our treats remind your furry friend their true nature.
  • NATURAL AND HEALTY ALTERNATIVE TO RAWHIDE: Rawhide treats are overly processed and become dense consequently they are very hard to digest. Stacey Best Beef Trachea offers easily digestible dog chew while lasting longer than typical man-made treats and chew.
  • LONG LASTING TREAT: Beef Trachea naturally chewy dog treat that brings hours of fun chewing fun for your dog. While chewing it promotes healthy saliva production for oral health and reduce anxiety and stress.
  • STACEY’S SPECIAL RECIPE: We always make sure all our treats are selected and prepared for the best texture and density. We never try any outside ingredients to change our treats natural texture and  physical appearance. All our treats and chews cook to capture perfect balance and moister for long lasting enjoyable fun!


We used to look for the healthiest food for ourselves and always thought what is good for us might be good for our dogs. After searching wild wolves, we realized that the best nutritious food is untouched and unprocessed just like in the true nature. We believe nature has an answer for everything and with this believe we prepare beef trachea dog treats. Beef trachea naturally contains glucosamine and chondroitin that help improve joint healthy of your dog and doesn’t cause inflammation.

Stacey’s Best Treats and Chews always finds and brings high quality dog treats and Chews to every dog parent with reasonable price and old-world sensibility. We hope our  Beef Trachea dog chews bring great enjoyment to you and your dog. We also recommend our other healthy treats and chews for your furry companion. Thank you!


Stacey's Best 6" Beef Trachea Dog Chew

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